Crimson Fetch

In the midst of July 2002, in Cape Coral, Florida, Ben Woosley (Boxhoused/Drawing Maps), a student at Mariner High School, found himself immersed in ideas for forming a band. As August dawned that same year, a pivotal conversation between Ben Woosley and Sean Denison (Bad Apple/Drawing Maps) marked the genesis of Crimson Fetch.

Crimson Fetch

Inspired by Andrew Bernard’s (Let’s Go Exploring!/Exploding Pages) guitar skills (the only member attending the rival Cape Coral high school), showcased in Denison’s garage, the duo swiftly recruited him into their musical endeavor. Recognizing Zander Cherchie’s musical prowess and long-standing friendship, they enlisted him as a guitarist, transitioning him from his previous role as bassist in Bad Apple. This change allowed Denison to seamlessly step into the role of bass player.

The choice for drummer was clear from the outset. Greg Alspaugh’s drumming prowess had already earned him a notable reputation in the local scene. Moreover, his lifelong friendship with Denison, coupled with his close ties to the rest of the band, made him the natural fit for the role. Woosley’s dynamic stage presence further solidified the ensemble. Thus, on August 3rd, 2002, Crimson Fetch was officially formed.

After Cherchie left the band to pursue other interests, he was replaced by Neven Skoro (The Wallies/Drawing Maps), an exchange student from Croatia who was looking for new musical ventures after his old band, Spike Cutting Edge, broke up.

Since its inception, Crimson Fetch had graced numerous stages, earning widespread acclaim and adoration. With a dedicated fan base firmly in place, the band was poised to continue its journey of rocking the universe. They recorded a self-titled album produced by Mark Nikolich (The Anchorite Four, Jiyuna) at Atomic Audio Recordings in Tampa, FL, but then swiftly broke up to form a new band, Drawing Maps to go into new, fresh musical direction.