The Wallies

The Wallies are a rock band from Sarasota, Florida.

It started with a “roommate wanted” ad, and ended with a rock band playing to crowd singalongs in sweaty, jam-packed venues all across South Florida.

The Wallies

The Wallies were started by Myles Edwin [guitar] and Neven Skoro [vocals/guitar] while they were roommates in Sarasota, Florida. They bonded over their mutual love for all things British, including “Only Fools and Horses,” “Peep Show,” and The Libertines. The band’s name is a hat tip to the very culture that inspired them. They posted an ad on social media in search of more band members. Quickly, they recruited Drew Silverman [drums] and Ryan Hurst [bass] and started working on a home demo recording.

The Wallies band wear their rock influences proudly on their sleeve, smoothly blending the sounds and moods of The Strokes, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, and the early Arctic Monkeys to create their own brand of fast-paced melodic rock ‘n’ roll. Just a few months after forming the band, a home-demo recording was released, sparking demand for live shows and catching the attention of local press and radio stations all around their home state of Florida.

After the release of Cream, Drew Silverman moved to Texas, so a friend of the band, Tony Vargas, took over the drum duties. The Wallies’ live shows have been described as raw, honest, and energetic, with the kind of no-frills performances that leave the audiences wanting more.

The Wallies - Vanilla Sex EP
The Wallies – Vanilla Sex EP

More recently, the band members have been spread across Florida, Texas, Idaho, and South Carolina, collaborating via the internet on new songs trying to make Boise their new home base.

For fans of The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, The Black Keys.

“Must See Act at Antiwarpt Festival”

The Wallies Hailing from Sarasota, The Wallies are a bunch of dirty-mouthed garage rock bad boys — and we mean that in the best way possible. Heartache, hatred, and moments of passion are the general themes of every song, “I don’t give a damn” vocals mixed with thick guitar licks and piled on top of heavy bass drum and cymbal-crashing rhythms. It’s the sort of rock music made for riding a motorcycle down a lonely highway. 

– Creative Loafing

“The band of Floridian rockers/rollers”

If the Strokes finally gave into their mothers’ wishes and all took showers, they’d probably towel off and start writing songs that sound like the Wallies .