Skill Issue by The Exact Opposite

The Exact Opposite Presents Debut Album “Skill Issue”

From the same vibrant music scene that birthed the likes of Radiohead, Supergrass, and Foals, emerges a new contender poised to carve their own niche: The Exact Opposite. Discover the charming sounds of this modest duo as they unveil their debut album, “Skill Issue.”

“Skill Issue” embodies the earnest musical connection shared by Jamie Stuart and Nigel Powell, nurtured through their experiences with Oxford’s Dive Dive and as members of Frank Turner’s backing band, The Sleeping Souls. Recorded in the intimate confines of Johnny Greenwood’s studio, the album reflects their artistic aspirations.

The Exact Opposite
The Exact Opposite

Crafted with care, “Skill Issue” is a testament to The Exact Opposite’s dedication and love for their craft. Produced, engineered, and mixed with simplicity by Powell, and embellished by Stuart’s personal touch, the album showcases their musical vision.

With a nod to their musical influences and tentative steps into new sonic territories, “Skill Issue” is a sincere expression of creative exploration. As described by Mischa Pearlman as “a magnificent and brilliant piece of art,” it’s a generous offering deserving of your humble attention, inviting listeners to experience its entirety.

Join The Exact Opposite on their latest musical journey with “Skill Issue,” now available on all major platforms. Embrace the sincerity of this debut album straight from the heart of Oxfordshire.