Portman, first emerged in 2004 in Eastern Croatia, and ever since, they’ve been carving their path as an instrumental outfit. Through a haze of experimentation and a shuffle of lineups, they found their groove in instrumental rock, weaving together a tapestry of genres. Beyond the usual post-rock vibe, you catch whiffs of various influences swirling in their ethereal soundscapes, from math rock to atmospheric vibes laced with ambient passages. Throughout its 20-year history and despite half a dozen lineup changes, the core nucleus of the band remains unchanged, with Ivan Kukuljevic on drums and Davor Kavicki on guitars.

On their discography, they have a handful of singles and two albums. Their debut, “Pereskesije,” hit the shelves back in 2009 under the banner of Lady Records in the States. Their sophomore effort, “The Man Who Carries a Light,” arrived in 2013 under the same label, along with Klub Dostava Zvuka. Not to mention two singles that served as anthems for Ferragosto Jam, “Kukavica” (2012) and “Vanilia (Ferragosto jam 8)” (2013). They’ve been on the road, touring and playing relentlessly. Currently they’re hunkered down, recording a new album titled “Stamina” due July 19th 2024 via Tone Deaf Inc.

When they’re not touring or recording with Portman, you’ll find them sprinkled across other interesting Croatian projects like Hesperian Death Horse, Nokti, Oprosti, and La Manche. Always grinding, always creating. That’s the beat, ain’t it?


The music of Portman transcends linguistic barriers and speaks directly to the soul. Without text limitations, their compositions paint vivid pictures and evoke a wide range of emotions. Lose yourself in their sonic tapestry, and let music be your guide.

– Neven Skoro, Tone Deaf Inc.

For fans of Russian Circles, Mogwai, Night Verses, God Is An Astronaut